Strength Increase
Strength represents the integrate power of the player. To increase your strength allows you to win in the battle field.
There are different ways to increase your strength:
Body: There are different types of firearms with different qualities. From high to low: Gold, Purple A, Purple B, Blue, Green. After unlock the firearm, extra shards can be used to upgrade the firearm’ star. There are following ways to collect different firearms:
Gold: Tactic Chest
Purple A: Tactic Chest
Purple B: Tactic Chest, First Purchase Gift Pack, etc.
Blue: Tactic Chest, Direct Purchase Gift Pack, Hero Level
Green: Tactic Chest, Level
Except the ways mentioned above, we will hold different events s to release firearm shards. Please check the Announcement and Event.
Firearms Strengthen: Use Coins or Materials to upgrade firearms. Click to go to
Firearm Modification: Use Modification Participate to upgrade the firearms. Click to go to
Body: New characters can unlock through accomplish tasks or collect cards. After unlock, extra cards can be used to upgrade the star. Ways to collect different Character Cards:
Amir: Supermarket, Black market, Corps Shop, Corps Yoyo
Fio: Supermarket, Corps Shop, Corps Yoyo, Corps Battle, Corps BOSS
Eri: Supermarket, Black Market, Corps Shop, Hatchery Expedition
Tarma: Story Star Level Rewards, Black Market, Seven Days Event
Leona: Steel Fortress
Clark: Steel Fortress
Ralf: Event
Except the ways mentioned above, we will hold different events to release the character cards. Please check the Announcement and Event.
Characters Upgrade: Use training book to upgrade the character. Character’s level can’t be higher than squad ‘s level. Click to go to
Character Potential: Use Promotion Material to release the character potential to upgrade character’s ability. The more potential character has, the more skills he can use. Click to go to
Character Skill: Use coin to upgrade the character skill. Skill’s level can’t be higher than character’s level. Click to go to
Body: There are differences in qualities. From high to low: Purple, Blue, Green. Ways to collect different Equipment:
Purple: Equipment Chest, Store
Blue: Equipment Chest, Store, Direct Purchase Gift Pack, Hero Level
Green: Level
Except the ways mentioned above, we will hold different events to release the equipment shards. Please check the Announcement and Event.
Equipment Strengthen: Use Strengthening Stones and Coins to upgrade the equipment level and property. Click to go to
Equipment Refinement: Use Refinement Gem to upgrade the refinement level and equipment property. Click to go to
Equipment Promotion: It only applies to the Purple Equipment. Use Refinement Gem, Gold Shards and Coin to upgrade the Purple Equipment into Gold Equipment and increase the equipment property dramatically. Click to go to
Combat Vehicle
Corp System
Q: What is the Corps System? Why should I join/ establish a Corps?
A: Corps is a core gameplay in Metal Slug Online. Joining a corps allows you to take part in the corps event and fight with your friends. It also gives you corps bonus to make you stronger.
When you are at level 18 or above, you can join/ establish a Corps. To establish a corps, you need to pay 100K coins. After join/ establish a Corps, players can take part in the following corps events:
Corps Meeting:
After calling up the members in corps to meet, you can get rewards.
Corps Banquet:
After eating good foods, your score will be raised. You will get rewards after finish this event.
Corps Tech:
Giving bonus to all corps members. Members can invest Coins and Diamonds to upgrade the level of Corps Tech. It can not only bring more bonus but also gives you Corps Contribution.
Corps Battle: Starts at 19:00 till 20:00 every Friday to Sunday. The leaders can vice leaders can register. After the battle, every corps’ member can get rewards depending on their results in the battle. There is ranking everyday after corps battle. Corps get different amount of rewards according to its ranking.
Corps Boss: It opens at 10:00 till 05:00 the next day by the leader. All members can join and kill boss. Members get rewards based on their performance. The better they performed, the more they get.
Corps Shop:
Members of Corps can consume their Corps Contribution here to by best value goods.
Corps Yoyo:
Everyone in the corps can take part in the slot machine game. The more same icons it shows, more rewards the member will get. It’s possible to get the rare A level purple firearm.
Corps Management:
Corps leaders can unlock corps events and they can also manage the corps in the ways as follows:
Change Corps Announcement,
Accept/ decline applications to join the corps
Give promotion/ demotion/ kick out to the members.
Corps leaders’ responsibilities:
Corps leaders and vice leaders are responsible for bringing the members move forward. If the leader doesn’t login in for XX days, the members can start an impeachment to him/her. After it starts, impeachment will be implemented if the Corps Leader doesn’t log in within 72 hours. After impeachment, the Corps member with the most contribution who has logged in within 72 hours will become the Corps Leader.
About MOD
We have recruited some enthusiastic players as MOD in this game to communicate better with all players. These players will assist and guide new players to explore and master the game rapidly. If you encounter any problem in the game, go and ask for their assistances via Facebook Fan Page or button ‘submit questions’. We will respond as soon as possible.
Description of MOD’s Duties
Who are the MODs?
Mods are some senior players who are experienced Metal Slug Online Players. They are not staff.
What do they do?
1. Answer players’ questions in the world chat, Alliance chat and Facebook Fan page and system.
2. Maintain order in the world chat
Notice: MODs aren’t official staff. Please don’t tell them your personal info.
How to become a MOD?
MOD application methods:
1. You could contact us on Facebook Fan Page by Messenger
2. You could also send your application to ar-support@cocos.com
Title: Mod for Metal Slug Online+nickname+level+language
Content: Please list out your basic information such as level, time spent online etc.. Briefly state your reasons for applying and whether you have relevant experience. We will contact you through e-mail if you are approved.
MOD application requirements
1. Level 25 or above
2. Familiar with Metal Slug Online, including the gameplay and the problems that may encountered by new players.
3. Online for no less than 4 hours a day
4. Be able to communicate in English

Rewards for Mods
4600 Free Diamonds/per month
How to recharge in Google Play

1、 Choose the merchandise you want to buy

2 、Press ‘CONTINUE’

3 、Choose the type of the card (credit or debit)

4. Entry your card number

5. Entry more information about your card

6. After you save your information about your card you could purchase items directly